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Best Floral Options for Your Destination Wedding


When it comes to floral arrangements for most weddings, the ideas and possibilities are endless. The possibilities become a little more limited when you decide to have a destination wedding. What then are your best floral arrangement options for a destination wedding?

– Go local. What are the most popular flowers in the area you are getting married? Choosing local flowers could save you money and they may be the perfect choice to match your setting. Research the area and find out what flowers and foliage grow there. Once you have done a little research, ask your resort to recommend a local florist and chat with them about what you are looking for.

– Go small. The wedding party will likely be small since it is a destination wedding so you don’t necessarily need large arrangements.

– Go silk. If you have your heart set on a certain flower that is not available in the area of your wedding, you could make the arrangements with silk flowers and have them shipped to your destination or flown in a carry on. You should research shipping and luggage costs to determine if this is a good option for you.

– Go sans flowers. Perhaps the area you are getting married in is so breathtakingly beautiful you don’t even need floral arrangements. You may be thinking, what about the bouquet? Who says you have to carry flowers? Some brides have carried a bouquet of buttons, feathers, fresh fruits or even a bouquet of broaches from their family members. In fact, Bridgette Bello, one of the brides we worked with for her destination wedding carried a bouquet of seashells and bling. Check it out below:

Bridgette Bello flowers

This photo is of the bouquets used by Bridgette Bello at her destination wedding in Castries, Saint Lucia. Amy Paulin who is a dear family friend of Bridgette (the bride) and Jose Bello (the groom) made their bouquets. Each tiny pearl, shell, broach and bling was attached by hand. Aren’t they beautiful?


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