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Booking a Destination Wedding Online vs. Using a Travel Agency


One of the biggest arguments to using a travel agent is, “Why bother when you can just do it yourself online?” Let’s take a closer look at what doing it yourself really looks like.

You have decided to have a destination wedding. You decide to book it online. By yourself. All alone.

First, you research for hours, maybe days where you should have it. Now, you’re dreaming of getting married in Santorini, Greece. It’s a popular choice so why not?

You spend several more hours researching where in Santorini you should have the wedding. You finally pick a place and attempt to book the day you want. You have to keep going back and forth for this because each day you choose is unavailable. Finally you get a date but the website didn’t tell you that you chose the busiest season of the year and that the prices are the highest at this time. You’re over budget but at least it’s booked.

Now you move on to your flights and hotel. You again spend hours going through all the flight possibilities and finally get your flight booked. You didn’t realize you were going to have four connections but didn’t think to look for a flight with less stops. For your hotel you end up booking even further over your budget because you were fed up with looking and just wanted to lock it in.

Your wedding week comes and you and your spouse to be hop on the plane to Greece. You arrive at your resort but they don’t have your registration information but it’s okay because they have an even more expensive room that they can put you in. Then, you head to where your wedding will be and whoops! The website didn’t tell you that the location you chose at the hour you chose is the sunniest time of day and that the sun will be blazing in your face the entire time of your wedding vows.

You get back to the hotel and a huge group of college students is there being loud and rowdy because the online site you visited couldn’t warn you that you chose the college party hotel- so much for romance and quiet.

See all that time and effort you put into planning that wedding that hasn’t even happened yet? See how you’re spending a lot more money than you wanted to and not having the blissful time you expected would be easy to achieve? All of the above could have been avoided if you did one simple thing- called a reputable travel agent that specializes in destination weddings. You would have saved time, money and your sanity. You’re welcome!

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