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Bridal Showers and Other Parties

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A common misconception is that if you don’t have a traditional wedding you can’t have any of the parties that come along with them such as bridal showers, bachelor/ bachelorette parties and engagement parties. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth! Just because you decided not to have a big splashy wedding doesn’t mean that your friends and family can’t celebrate with you in other ways.

Old fashioned etiquette rules state that you shouldn’t invite anyone to a pre-wedding event that is not invited to a wedding. However, as more and more couples forgo big events in favor of destination and intimate weddings the rules have changed.

Don’t host your bridal shower yourself: Typically bridal showers aren’t hosted by the bride or groom anyway, but for smaller affairs it’s even more important for someone to offer to host a party in your honor.

Engagement parties: Although still not a good idea to host this yourself, you can. According to the Emily Post Institute if you are having a small wedding it’s no longer considered bad form or bad etiquette to host your own party.

Don’t expect gifts: Make it clear that the pre-wedding activities are just that, and gifts are not expected. You could say something like, “Celebrating with you is gift enough so, no gifts, please.”

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties are no problem at all: Although these should still not be hosted by the bride or groom, bachelor/bachelorette parties seem to be the free for all events where anyone can be invited.

Huge after wedding parties in place of receptions/weddings: It’s not considered bad form to invite all of your friends and family for a big post wedding bash. To save money you could throw a potluck, brunch or even a barbecue. This is certainly cheaper than a sit down catered reception with a full bar. Again, the same rules apply to not expect gifts, but at least you can show off your wedding bands in person without the huge fees that weddings command!

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