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Centerpieces for Destination Wedding

Patron_Shot_Tray_009.90171107_largeYou’ve chosen your destination, you’ve picked out the attire, the venue is all set and you even have your bouquet in mind. What about your centerpieces? Here are some ideas for centerpieces for your destination wedding:

Looking for something a little fun and out of the box? Here’s one unique option that was at one of Elite Travel’s destination weddings- We did a wedding in Mexico and the centerpiece was a bottle of Patron with shot glasses all around the bottle with the couple’s names on it and limes cut to look like flowers. Throughout the reception the guests proceeded to drink the entire bottle and by the end of the night everyone ended up jumping in the pool!

If you are getting married on a beach your centerpiece could be as easy as a glass bowl filled with seashells and candles. Another easy option that looks classy for a beach wedding is to fill a hurricane lamp with local sand and place a candle inside on top of the sand. You could add ribbon to match your wedding colors, raffia to make it a little more rustic looking or stick with just the lamps, sand and candles. Be sure to find out if open flames are permitted at your venue because if not you will need to get flameless candles.

A simple and elegant option is a vase filled with water, colored marbles and local flowers. Some florists recommend adding battery-operated LED lights to the water to make the centerpiece shine.

One option that has popped up on a few bridal sites is to have a collection of framed pictures as the centerpiece. These pictures could include engagement photos, baby photos or photos throughout your courtship.

As we mentioned in the bouquet post, if you have your heart set on a certain flower for a centerpiece that is not available in the area of your wedding, you could make the arrangements with silk flowers and have them shipped to your destination or flown in a carry on. You should research shipping and luggage costs to determine if this is a good option for you.

A final option is to forgo centerpieces completely. The beauty of the destination you choose could be decoration enough. The good news is that if you do insist on having center pieces you won’t need too many because you will either have no guest tables or very few guest tables to decorate.

Have you been to a destination wedding or recently had one of your own? What were the centerpieces like?

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