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Children and Destination Weddings

800px-Crowded_swingBringing children to weddings is often debated. Some people see a wedding as the wrong place for a kid to be at with the exception of the flower girl and ring bearer whereas others believe that kids should be allowed to attend as long as they are well behaved. But what about inviting kids to a destination wedding? Here are a couple of things to consider:

– Our clients have told us in the past and we have seen first-hand that resorts catering to kids often offer lower quality food than those that cater to adults.

– Children are not free and adult pricing begins at 12. Yes, children under 12 may be cheaper, but hardly any resort out there will allow your kid to stay for free.

– Babies and toddlers could cry at any moment. How old are the kids who might be attending the wedding?

Regardless of what you decide, make sure to clearly state somewhere whether or not kids are permitted to attend your event well in advance.

What do you think? Should kids be invited to destination weddings?

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