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Destination Wedding Nightmares and How to Deal

Destination Wedding Nightmares and How to Deal“A wedding is a party, not a performance. If at the end of the day, you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.” – Unknown

Let’s face it; weddings can be stressful. Most weddings go on without any issues, but in some cases trouble can strike making the entire day feel unbearable. Here are the most common wedding day disasters and how to deal with them:

Your attire or your spouse’s attire didn’t show up or got ruined: You can let this destroy the entire trip or you can head into town and buy something new. Who knows? You may find something even better to wear and you will have a fun story when you share the photos later.

You missed the flight or your hotel room was given away: This is one of those times that travel insurance and a reputable travel agency like Elite Travel comes in handy! If you have booked with a live travel agent (not one of those pesky online companies!) then you can call them instantly and start the process of making things right such as moving rooms and/or getting another flight.

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It started pouring rain right before the wedding: Rain happens! Sure, you can try and avoid the wet times of your destination when planning the wedding, but Mother Nature is not always predictable. Having a plan B is a great idea to sidestep potential drama so that if and when she decides to open the skies you can either get married in the rain or just move onto plan B.

Someone you desperately wanted there didn’t show up: First, don’t take it out on them. Remember that a destination wedding is harder to get to and something could have made them unable to attend – money, lack of vacation time, couldn’t get a sitter, the reasons are endless. Focus on the people who did show up and appreciate them even more and handle the no-show later.

Remember, problems happen all the time. How you react to the situation you are presented with is what determines whether or not your entire trip and/or wedding is ruined.