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Destination Wedding Planners To Do List

elitedestinationweddingsMost couples have waited a lifetime to get married and they want their special day to be absolutely perfect. Having a hometown wedding comes with a huge list of things to do, but destination weddings have even more. It’s the job of a destination wedding planner to make sure that every part of the couple’s big day runs smoothly. Here are 5 things that a destination wedding planner can do for you:


  1. Set up a wedding website: This is especially important for those who are traveling from multiple distances. This is a one-stop with all of the details that your guests need to know, such as the date, pre-wedding activities, responses, etc. One such website, com, is a perfect example.
  2. Track your RSVPs: Is Aunt Delilah coming to the reception? Is Cousin Nelly bringing a guest or is she going single? Let the wedding planner take care of the responses and plan who is going to sit where. You will get final approval on the seating chart because, of course, your loud-mouthed Republican grandfather can’t sit next to your Democrat neighbor.
  3. Coordinate: One of the most important parts of planning a destination wedding is coordinating with the wedding planners on the property. A destination wedding planner is a liaison between you and the destination, so a planner can work with both parties to set up the entire celebration.
  4. Help with accommodations: A destination wedding planner can take care of your guests’ accommodations and try to get you the best deals, including free rooms and perks and, of course, a price match guarantee. In addition, destination wedding planners work to find resorts offering the best value for your dollar and can be far less expensive!
  5. Know the area: Your travel planner knows your destination and can help you to find places to host the rehearsal dinner or help you to plan activities for the entire weekend. A destination wedding is exciting, but it’s about so much more than just the ceremony. Your guests are going to want to explore and a destination wedding planner can help put together various excursions.


As a destination wedding planner we have years of experience planning thousands of destination weddings, which is exactly what you want in your planner. After all, why would you leave the details of your special day to anyone else?

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