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Destination Wedding Scams: Don’t Sign That Contract!

512px-Crying-girlLet’s be frank – there’s bad service, and there’s downright dishonesty. What we’re talking about today is dishonesty of the worst kind: destination wedding scams. Scamming couples on what should be the happiest day of their lives to date is deplorable, which is why I’m going to tell you the scam I recently learned about from one of my Elite Travel clients.

One of the major Destination Weddings websites, which doubles as a travel agency (similarly to how we use Honeymoon Giveaway to promote Elite Travel), is telling brides to sign a contract that forces the couple to be responsible for filling their block of rooms – or paying for no-shows! As anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, every wedding has last-minute no-shows. Destination weddings add the unpredictability of travel and distance to the mix, so it’s taking on far more risk than any couple should to guarantee a block of, say, 10 rooms.

Here’s where this scam gets dirtier. The agent tells you that you have to sign this contract as if it’s the resort’s policy – it isn’t. Then they say you have to sign the contract, or you won’t get the extra amenities given for groups (there are many ways to wrangle amenities, especially for a wedding!).

Another variation on this scam is for the travel agent to tell couples that members of their wedding can only book through that agency, or the couple won’t get the room block or the discounted group rate.

No contract should ever say that every wedding guest has to book through the same agency.

Even worse, some agents will say that guests who don’t book through them will have to pay some bogus extra fee to take part in the wedding festivities! They’re telling couples that they have to pay for their ceremony and reception, but penalizing their guests when they don’t book through them! And, they make this sound like it’s the hotel’s policy.

Couples: Read any contract carefully before you sign. It should not hold you liable for missing guests. It should not fine your guests if they don’t book through a certain travel agent. And, don’t be forced into a hotel contract with the promise of group savings – if you’re bringing in a group of people for your wedding, the hotel doesn’t care how they book, as long as they book. All the guest has to do is say “I’m part of so-and-so’s wedding” when they make their reservation and they’ll count towards the group rate.

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