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Destination Weddings and Greece; But What About the Economy?

August - Tammy - Destination Weddings and GreeceGreece has been in an ongoing economic crisis for months now and it is this turmoil that has many brides and grooms wondering if it’s still okay to have a destination wedding there. Yes, you can still get married in Greece, but there are some things you should be aware of.

For the most part danger won’t be an issue. There are protests occurring in some parts of the country, but as long as you stay out of those zones you should be fine. Most of these protests have been confined to areas near government buildings.

The country needs your travel dollars so they are doing all they can to keep tourists happy and safe. Its no secret that many countries rely on tourism dollars to stay afloat. It is this knowledge that makes the tourist hot spots of Greece more likely to continue doing business “as usual” than other parts of the country.

Some businesses and services will close up shop. In any economic crisis there is a chance that a place you want to visit or a service you would like to enjoy will not be available. This is just one more reason it’s so critical to work with a reputable travel company like Elite Travel. We can keep you up to date on all the news you need to know about the area you are traveling to!

As of the beginning of August 2015 Greece is on course to receive a bailout and things are looking up again. After all the financial woes things do appear to be getting better for Greece making many travelers more optimistic. Again, their woes are financially based, not violence driven so tourists have a lot less to fear here than in some other destinations.

Still concerned? Before you book anything consider traveler’s insurance. To bring your fears to a grinding halt go ahead and get a traveler’s insurance policy. Why? Because the truth is that no matter how much we plan and try to avoid trouble it’s still possible. It’s always better to have a plan in place that protects your travel investment.


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