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Don’t DIY Your Destination Wedding

elitedestinationweddingsSandy Malone is a destination wedding planner that has a reality show on TLC. In late 2015 she had an article come out that caused quite a ruckus in the travel industry. Essentially the article encouraged people to tackle their destination weddings on their own and handle the bulk of the work to save money. I’m here to tell you straight up that your wedding is one of the MANY things you should not “DIY”! Read on to learn why you need to put your wedding in the hands of professionals.

These days a memorable wedding for a couple is more synonymous than ever before with a destination wedding. Beyond the fact that they save you a ton of money, they allow couples to begin their honeymoon sooner by traveling to gorgeous and exotic locations to tie the knot. Like any trip, planning a getaway like this involves a lot of research and work. And, because it’s not just a trip, the research and work involved will be tenfold if not twenty or more!

Any destination wedding planner that has been in the game more than a minute can tell you of the endless hours that can be involved in looking up resorts, checking in with vendors, seeking the best viable venues and so much more. The truth is that simply by hiring a destination wedding professional you will be saving a LOT of time. All that research that you would have to deal with will be handled on your behalf and expertly done so allowing you to focus on things like what to wear before and after the wedding ceremony.

I’ve mentioned it before, but good destination wedding planners don’t charge fees. They already know that by you booking your travel with them they will be making money and that any travel handled on behalf of your guests will also yield them commissions. Therefore, reputable agents such as Elite Travel will not mark up every thing and nickel and dime you. In fact, they will be looking for the best rates and deals so that you can stay within your travel budget allowing you to get the most wedding for your dollar.

You’re not the expert. This means you will have to take time learning about how to plan a wedding too. Destination wedding specialists have already done this before. Since it’s not their first time they know what details you need for your day to be exactly as you want it. They also know current trends, what hotels are closing and opening and are up to date on all the news you need to know that you might not even realize you needed to know.

Reputable agents act as a liaison between you and your wedding venue. They are in charge of making sure that your venue gives you everything you asked for including the best perks available. They act as your advocate working to make sure you are taken care of and your needs are addressed.

As I mentioned destination wedding specialists can manage the travel of your guests as well. It is not your responsibility to get everyone to your wedding on time. Give them your travel agent’s name and have them book their travel with the agent, not through you. This cuts you out of the picture once more so you can quit stressing over the details and focus on packing, showing up and simply enjoying the process of getting married.

So, while Sandy Malone keeps pushing brides to DIY, feel confident in the decision to let us do it for you. We’ll save you money, we’ll handle all the behind the scenes work, it won’t cost you any fees and it will save you countless hours of research and hassle. Save the DIY for decorating your marital home when you get home and leave the heavy lifting of the wedding itself to Elite Travel!