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Double Destination Wedding

He and his family live in San Francisco, but his significant other always wanted a wedding in Paris, the city of love. A double destination wedding gives the couple the dream weddings that each of them want. And why not do this once-in-a-lifetime moment twice?

Here are 7 tips if you want to say your I Do’s in two different locations:

  1. Work with a travel agent: Both weddings are extremely important and you have enough on your plate. A travel agent can help you with airline and hotel reservations for both of you, as well as your wedding party, family and friends. A travel agent can also help you choose the right destinations and will know the best times to host a wedding.
  2. Work with a wedding coordinator: The coordinator will work with the travel agent to make sure everything is covered for your wedding.
  3. Organize your paperwork: Weddings comes with paperwork and licenses and getting married in another country comes with a whole new set of hoops to jump through. Make sure you have all of the required paperwork and ducks in a row before you exchange vows in another state or a foreign country. This is especially important for
  4. Consider all-inclusive: Destinations that include everything you need – food, accommodations and amenities – will make it easier for you to put your dream ceremony together. If children will be attending your big day, make sure your resort is a family friendly one.
  5. Take a visit: You’ve always wanted your wedding in an exotic location like Bora Bora, but if you’ve never been there before take a trip. It may or may not live up to your expectations and you should know that before you put in all the effort on the ceremony. Enjoy the property, engage in activities and taste the food. Take a tour while you are there.
  6. Plan for fun: Depending on how far the destination is away from your guests, they may arrive a day or two early. Make sure to include some pre-festivities activities.
  7. Have some alone time: Remember, this is your day and you should spend some time together enjoying the destination you have chosen. If your two locations are a barn wedding in the south and an island wedding in the Caribbean, they should both be exactly what you always wanted.