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Getting Married at the Tarthesh

matrimonioc xImagine a destination wedding in a beautiful location that still holds health and wellbeing in the highest regard. Picture your wedding in a place that is not overrun with tourism, but instead is surrounded by beauty and nature. These types of destinations may seem hard to come by, but the Tarthesh Hotel located in Sardinia, Italy still offers all of this and more.

This four-star property boasts gorgeous grounds, a beautiful outdoor and indoor event space, deluxe suites for you and your guests, a large pool and hot tub and a world class spa.

For your wedding day you will have access to the restaurant, a courtyard, lounges, the patio, the gardens and the pool for photos, the wedding itself and your reception. If you don’t need all of the space that’s okay too. The Tarthesh can create an event perfect for just the two of you, for a small group or even a large party.

There are also plenty of activities for you and your guests to do in Sardinia before and after your wedding. From visiting picturesque beaches to taking tours of wineries and cooking classes to adventure excursions, there is something for everyone here.

Our CEO here at Elite Travel, Tammy Levent, recently toured the Tarthesh and said that the hotel would be perfect for a destination wedding. Not only is the hotel and its surroundings breathtakingly beautiful, the staff is incredibly hospitable with the happiness and care of the guests being their top priority.

Are you ready to book your Sardinian destination wedding? Call us at (727) 726-9090 or toll free at (866) 726-9090 and let’s start planning your big day! Or, if you aren’t getting married for a while and would like to give the Tarthesh a test run, you should consider joining Elite Travel for our Sardinian Wellness Retreat that we’re hosting at the Tarthesh May 15-21, 2016. Check out our Facebook page or call us for details.

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