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Going broke planning a traditional wedding?

elite-destination-weddingsLet’s add it up:  the invitations, photographer, dress, reception, tuxedo, honeymoon, disc jockey or band, flowers, decorations, and the rings, plus whatever else we haven’t thought of. According to The Knot’s annual report this year, this wedding list costs couples upwards of $30,000 just to get hitched and celebrate the big day. Sadly, some couples can’t afford this steep price tag and have resorted to taking out a personal loan or using credit cards to cover the costs.

That’s completely unnecessary.

If you don’t have an uncle with money bags in your family tree, it’s still possible to have a memorable wedding for a fraction of the cost. A destination wedding can be everything you want your ceremony to be, without having to worry about starting out your new life in debt.

A destination wedding can significantly cut the cost of your wedding. Let’s say you choose a resort in the Bahamas to have your wedding. In many cases, the resort will combine your wedding, honeymoon, photographer, music, etc. into one significantly reduced package compared to what you would pay at home.

Okay, so maybe Aunt Mabel isn’t going to be able to afford to pay roundtrip airfare to the Bahamas to watch you marry your high school sweetheart or maybe your cousin who just had a baby isn’t going to be able to fly yet to watch you walk down the aisle. Sorry, those are the risks that you take having a destination wedding, so if having every family member and friend from your entire life at your ceremony is what’s most important to you than you need to weigh your options.

However, a typical destination wedding is made up of the happy couple and about 10 of their closest family and friends. You can easily pay for a destination wedding for a third of what The Knot has said that most couples pay for a traditional at-home wedding.

To make all of your family members happy, you could also have a destination wedding and then use the money you’ve saved to host a small gathering when you return. That makes Aunt Mabel and Cousin Janie happy that they got to see you and participate in the fun.

A travel agent can help you to organize your destination wedding. First, they can help you to decide on the perfect destination. If you’re not beach people, having your wedding at a Caribbean island doesn’t make sense. Your travel agent will learn about your interests and find the right location. Maybe for you, it’s a ski chalet in Switzerland. Second, they will work with the resort to make sure all the details are taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Now isn’t that the perfect wedding day?

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