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Have a Brad and Angelina Style Wedding

Angelina_Jolie_Brad_Pitt_CannesObviously if you don’t own a private winery and estate in France you can’t get married in the exact same fashion that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did. Plus, if you aren’t a huge A-List star you most likely won’t need to plan your wedding with more secrecy than the CIA’s special ops like they did. Nonetheless, even without a bulging bank account and paparazzi watching you every second, you can have some Brangelina flair for your destination wedding.

France is considered by many people as one of the most romantic places to get married. There will be a lot of paperwork and documents required of you should you choose to wed there, but you can always get married in the states and have the ceremony abroad. In fact, according to press reports, that is exactly what team Brangelina did. They wed in California and then had the ceremony in an intimate chapel at Château Miraval, their leased vineyard estate in the Provence hamlet of Correns.

Don’t have a private chateau and vineyard of your own? Not to worry! There are plenty of vineyards to choose from. The France tourism board says France has 11 distinct wine regions in their country so finding the perfect spot shouldn’t be a problem.

To add more Brangelina details to your wedding you could do as Angie allegedly did and have your kids walk you down the aisle, wear an antique laced gown and stick to a very small guest list. According to a story from E! Online, “The boys all wore tiny matching cream linen suits which were just like Brad’s [tux] while the girls had each chosen a dress to match their own individual style and they had them specially made.” Even if you don’t have kids or don’t want kids at your wedding you could dress your wedding party in the same fashion.

After the wedding they reportedly went back to work but are expected to honeymoon shortly. Personally, we can’t wait to see where they go.

What do you think about the marriage of Hollywood’s “hottest” couple? Are you excited for them, couldn’t care less or simply amused it took them nine years to tie the knot?

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