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Have You Considered an Adventure Destination Wedding?

Adventure Destination WeddingA destination wedding is already a step outside of the traditional wedding box, but have you considered taking it a step further with an adventure destination wedding? If something truly wild has piqued your curiosity then check out these wild and adventurous ways to say I do:

Underwater – Scuba gear may not be all that sexy, but getting hitched underwater sure sounds is. We’ve seen pictures and video of people getting married underwater by holding up cards to do all the talking for them.

Above the Clouds – For the truly unafraid you could don your prettiest white and black jump suits and hop out of a perfectly good plane to say, “I do” while free falling to the Earth before pulling your chute. A skydive wedding- talk about a leap of faith into marriage!

In the BUFF – Can you think of anything more adventurous than getting married sans clothes?!? The bride could wear a veil and jewelry and the groom could wear a bow tie and you really don’t need anything else. Think of how much you will save on the attire bill. Just make sure you choose to do it somewhere that it is legal or you will have a very different type of adventure ahead!

Post Hike – For this wedding to be adventurous you would literally take an awesome hike and then at the end get hitched. Bonus points if the hike is up a mountain with a gorgeous view!

Zip lining – Did you know that there are tandem zip lines that allow you to zip line next to someone? Picture this- you and your groom zip lining through the beauty of some exotic location while saying your vows to one another and then when you get to the end your officiate pronounces you man and wife. Sounds pretty magical to us

What is the most outrageous wedding you have ever heard of or been to? We’d love to hear about it below!

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