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How Much Can I Save on a Destination Wedding?

Cropped Complejo24If you have been reading this blog regularly, then it’s likely that you have already read here that a destination wedding is often cheaper than a traditional wedding. You may be wondering though just how much you can save by having a destination wedding. Depending on what website or magazine you are reading, for a traditional wedding with 50 to 100 guests with everything included has an average cost of $26,000.

Let’s say that you’re having a wedding at a local location but people are coming into town- There will most likely be air expenses beginning at about $350 per person. For decent hotels for just two nights the fee will range from about $139- $159 per night. Breakfast for two or three days is going to be at least $30, $50 for lunch for two days and dinner for the one night with drinks could be $130 or more. Again, this is for just two nights, no water/land sports, nothing but hotel and food. With rental cars, transportation gas, etc… you could be paying $1,500 to $2,000 for just two people for two nights and you will find yourself worrying about budgeting the entire time. Keep in mind these fees are before you even think about all the wedding costs such as food, the venue, photography, décor, the entertainment and more.

For a destination wedding at an all inclusive 4 or even a 5 star resort such as Secrets St. James you could get your stay for four days with roundtrip airfare for as little as $1,600 for two people. If your guests want to attend they will be paying their own airfare and their own hotel fees. If you will be having guests, most people choose a wedding package that is around $2,000 and with extras such as photography and flowers you could end up paying as little as $2,500 for 25 to 30 guests. The best part is since you will likely be honeymooning at the resort you don’t have to fork out additional fees for that!

What if you don’t want any guests at your wedding? You’ll save even more! No fluff, no guests, just the ceremony and you and your spouse to be you could enjoy your wedding and honeymoon for as little as $3,000. With all that you are saving by foregoing a traditional wedding you can even afford a few extra days at the resort!

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