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More Ways to Save on a Destination Wedding

Money DanceWe’ve written in the past about the fact that a destination wedding can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Still, more and more people are looking for even more ways to save on their nuptials and because of this we thought we’d offer some ideas you can use to save money on your destination wedding.

Ditch the designer duds – Wedding dresses and tuxedos can cost a small fortune. Consider getting your wedding attire on consignment or even on loan. Another option is to get after market or discontinued attire as these are generally a lot cheaper than the newer styles. As for accessories, see if you can borrow those from friends and family.

Have a friend take the pictures – I know every photographer in the world just gasped that we suggested this, but for the truly budget strapped it may make more economical sense for you to snap a few pictures at the destination with your own camera and then have a couple’s photo session with a pro for your announcements after you get back.

Choose an agent that doesn’t charge fees for planning – Elite Travel doesn’t charge for planning services and if you’re agent does you’re being nickel and dimed unnecessarily.

DIY as many things as possible – There are so many things you can make yourself such as simple centerpieces and bouquets. This can translate into savings of 50% or more on those items. Check out our posts on centerpieces and flowers for your wedding.

Get married in the low season – The laws of supply and demand state that when something has a higher demand the prices generally go up for it. Because of this it’s a good idea to consider getting married when your destination’s demand is lower. Need help figuring out when that is? Give Elite Travel a call at 1-866-726-9090 and let’s discuss your wedding plans today!

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