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Plan Now for Your New Year’s Wedding!

elitedestinationweddingsWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but the earlier you can plan for any vacation, the better. This becomes especially important when it comes to Destination Weddings. If you want to get married by next New Year’s here are just a few reasons you need to get moving yesterday on your destination wedding plans:

You’re venue might be booked! Your dream wedding venue might be someone else’s too. The sooner you can book it the less likely you will be to need to hunt for a new location.

The cheaper stuff always books up first. The nicest accommodations that give you the most bang for your travel buck are generally the first to get snatched up. Those junior suites at that swanky hotel aren’t going to hold off on giving away the rooms just because you’re not ready to commit. You could get stuck with a pricier room to get the luxury you seek or a standard room. Gasp! Nobody wants that for their honeymoon do they?

If there is any other problem, you can find out sooner. You may have your heart set on one resort only to learn that it will be under construction for renovations the month you want to say “I do”. By telling your destination wedding planner as soon as possible where you want to get married, you will know sooner that your dream spot is unavailable and be able to come up with another place or date. Or, what if that destination is planning on closing its doors for good? Agents generally find out all kinds of travel news before the general public. Your planner can also let you know if the month you chose is known for inclement weather in your destination.

When you are ready to plan your destination wedding, call Elite Travel. We’ve got the inside scoop on everything you need to know to have the most amazing wedding imaginable. We look forward to helping you design your big day!