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Should the Groom Have a Bachelor Party Before the Destination Wedding at the Resort?

Franzia_drinkingAh, the bachelor party – a.k.a. one last night of debauchery with the fellas before officially making your fiancée your wife.

Whether you plan on just going out for a few beers with your pals or hitting every strip club you can before the sun comes up, here’s why you should have your bachelor party before you leave town for your destination wedding:

– Your buddies aren’t invited to the wedding or aren’t going: With most destination weddings the bridal party is small and the guest list is too. Why risk not getting to go out with everyone you wanted at your bachelor party by having it in a location most of your pals won’t be at?

– Once you arrive at the resort you’ll most likely want to spend all your time with your spouse to be since the moment of saying “I Do” is so close at this point. Romance and being lovey-dovey doesn’t mix well with abandoning your honey for a night of hardcore drinking and partying with the groomsmen.

– Rowdiness may not be permitted at your resort: Picture this- you and your bros got drunk and loud and ended up in a foreign prison. No bueno!

– You’re bride to be might find out what really goes on: Bachelor parties have long been a secret night of events known only to those that were there. Having it at the place you intend to tie the knot leaves too many witnesses in close proximity that the bride can talk to and get the dirt.

– Less risk: You are more familiar with things at home. You know what cab numbers to call, what strip clubs are “safe” and which bars have the cheapest and strongest drinks. Stick with partying where you know!

If you are still dead set on having a bachelor party at the resort you could throw a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party for whoever is in attendance. This way you get to hang out with your spouse to be while putting a new twist on an old tradition. Then again, you could have the co-ed party at home and invite all the folks that may not be coming to the wedding to have more people feel included in your nuptials.


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