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Should You Go All Out for Your Second Wedding?

68907761oj3Should you go all out for your second wedding? This is a controversial subject and I personally think that you shouldn’t go all out for your second wedding, but let’s explore the idea a little further.

Some would agree that you absolutely should not go all out for the second time. The fancy venue, the flowers, the photographers, the virgin white couture gown… Really? Do you really want to pay for all that a wedding entails all over again? Your friends and family were likely at the first shindig. Do you think they are expecting you to one – up yourself for round two? Probably not!

Then again, others would say that the second wedding is the do over they were praying for and dreaming of. Perhaps your first wedding wasn’t all you hoped it would be and your spouse wasn’t either. The second wedding is your chance to celebrate finding your actual soul mate.

What do you think? Chime in! Should someone go all out for their second wedding? What about a third or fourth wedding? We vote for eloping destination wedding style!


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