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Social Media and Your Destination Wedding

NO social mediaThe location you have chosen for your destination wedding is gorgeous and you may be tempted to start tweeting, instagraming and facebooking like crazy. Before you start flooding your news feed with your wedding details and pictures here are a few things to consider regarding social media and your destination wedding:

You didn’t invite everyone. As exciting as it is that you and your spouse to be are getting married in an exciting location odds are you didn’t invite all of your friends and family for this special day. Going on and on about how awesome your wedding is can make those that weren’t invited feel even more left out of the occasion.

Checking in is one thing, but… There is such a thing as going overboard with social media. Letting people know that you arrived safely at your destination and even updating your status from single to married is fine but did you really have to tag your friends in every single photo of the food they can’t eat, the drinks they can’t drink and the activities they can’t participate in? Didn’t think so…

It’s hard to make memories with a phone in your hand. It may feel like you need to snap a picture of everything, but do you really? Constant updating means you are not focusing and savoring the moments that you are experiencing. Fully immerse yourself in actually enjoying these moments. Did you know that some studies show that taking pictures of everything can lead to you forgetting them faster? Instead allow yourself to be 100% present in the moment instead of trying to make sure you will remember it later.

There will be plenty of time to post later. After a wedding or special event most people expect to see a single album show up on facebook with all of the photos. Not only does this avoid clogging up everyone’s news feed, this let’s everyone see everything and write all their comments in one sitting.

What do you think about posting to social media during a destination wedding?

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