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To Twerk or Not to Twerk at a Wedding

Jess Twerks 2Jess Twerks

Miley Cyrus did it. J-Lo just recently had a video go viral teaching how to do it. Your best girl friend may have done it at the club last night. Yes, I’m talking about twerking people. What exactly is it “to twerk”? Well, according to vlogger Jess Lizama who posted a how-to twerk video, “Twerking is to work one’s body, as in dancing, especially the rear end.”

So, now that we have officially determined what it is TO twerk, now the question is whether or not you should twerk at a wedding. If the wedding reception is a booze-infested, drunken party better than the last frat party you attended – go ahead and twerk. If the wedding and reception is a conservative affair complete with the bride’s 90 year old grandmother singing I Honestly Love You– no! Don’t twerk! If the reception is crazier than a strip club on a Friday night, then yes, honey for the love of all things g-string- TWERK. If, however the reception is less exciting than a Wednesday night Bible study don’t twerk.

What are your thoughts on twerking?

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