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Underwater Weddings in Bora Bora

underwatterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrYou may have heard of an underwater wedding, and if you are lucky enough to see one, odds are it exceeded your expectations. Many brides worry about how their wedding dress, make-up and hair will look, but the adventure and fun of getting married underwater has an appeal that can’t be ignored. Imagine for a moment saying “I do” in the waters of Bora Bora. Grab your underwater helmet and let’s see if it’s better down where it’s wetter in the dream submarine Chapel known as Te Ana Ipo.

During the ceremony, you will be dressed in pareos that are customized with your wedding colors. You’ll be welcomed by wedding planners to embark on a short cruise to the site of the wedding ceremony. The wedding staff then helps you gear up with the underwater helmets and white dive suits for an introductory dive before the ceremony. You are then immersed in the translucent waters after a short briefing about your security during the dive. To be able to hear what is being said during your wedding ceremony and actually exchange vows underwater, there are waterproof audio players installed in your gear.

After you reach your destination, the Polynesian priest opens the door of the chapel that is located about 13 ft. below the sea level. The underwater chapel is adorned in a romantic underwater setting ready to welcome you to exchange your vows. Talk about a memorable and unique wedding experience! Show your spouse that your love runs as deep as the ocean as you say “I do” under the sea!

If you are not a great scuba diver, fear not as a diving instructor will accompany you throughout the immersion to ensure your safety.

After exchanging vows you will exchange coral rings and then sign a certificate of your wedding. The newly married couple are then allowed to enjoy the ceremony with a swim around the chapel before going back to the ship’s deck. The ceremony will last about 25 minutes. When you get back to the surface, you can choose to be taken directly to a white sand beach where you will spend a full day, or be taken back to the hotel where you can then officially begin your honeymoon.

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