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Visiting Your Destination Wedding Location in Advance

NIKON D700, AF Zoom 24-70mm f/2.8G f/2.8, 1/1600, ISO 320, 24mmWhen brides and grooms are planning their traditional weddings a common practice is to do site visits and choose their wedding location based on those visits. With destination weddings it’s obviously a little trickier because of the fact that it’s not exactly a quick trip to somewhere local. Should you visit your destination in advance of your wedding? Hopefully this will help you decide:

Pros of visiting in advance – Pictures sometimes don’t do the destination justice. There truly is nothing quite like seeing something in person. You can meet your vendors and the staff that will be working on your wedding. You can physically see how things will go on your day – some resorts can even allow you to watch a wedding and/or see what your suite will look like for your honeymoon. There could be perks for a pre-visit such as a percentage off for booking the wedding or an upgraded room for your honeymoon if you book during your site visit. You might realize you want a different resort or even a different destination entirely based on the visit as well.

Cons of visiting in advance – The costs! One of the very reasons couples choose a destination wedding is to save money and visiting in advance of the wedding day hikes up the budget dramatically. The time- you’ll need to take a few days off work and that could take time away from your honeymoon. Some people just can’t afford those extra days of vacation.

In the end whether you visit your sites in advance or not is up to you. Some people feel it is necessary to ensure that everything they want for their big day will come to be, whereas others are perfectly fine choosing locations based on pictures and reviews. Whatever you choose to do, Elite Travel would love to help you in your planning of your destination wedding! Our experts know the best sites and vendors to work with and could save you time, money and possibly even keep you from needing a site visit in advance!

In fact, if you do decide you want to do a site visit in advance of your wedding and book with the resort based on that visit we are sometimes able to negotiate a full or partial refund of your advance visit so you can use that money towards your wedding. This is all the more reason to book with Elite Travel for your destination wedding!


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