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What do you Wear for a Destination Wedding?


Odds are, if you are having a destination wedding, you have swapped the church for a beach or park. You also swapped the oversized guest list for a more intimate group of people to watch you and your spouse-to-be say I do. More than likely you even swapped traditional décor and flowers for a much smaller scale because the destination has a background prettier than anything a designer or florist could dream up. Now the only thing that remains on your list is what to wear to your destination wedding? You’re already going for the nontraditional in every sense of the word, so should you skip the large bridal gowns and perfect tuxedos too? To help you decide, below are some ideas for attire based on destination wedding location:

Any beach: The bride can get away with a sexy strapless gown that is sleek and simple, or a fun summer dress that is loose and free flowing. It doesn’t even have to be white or beige. For example, you could wear a pale blue to match the water. The dress can be short too, perfect for walking and splashing in the water after you get hitched. The groom could wear khakis and a nice button down shirt. As for the shoes, it’s a beach- go barefoot!

In a park or on a cobblestone walkway: You might need shoes here, but you can still get away with the same attire for the beach setting.

In the snow: We don’t understand why people want to freeze and get married in the snow with all the beautiful sandy beaches there are in the world, but we do understand how a winter white wedding can be majestically gorgeous. For a snow induced wedding we really hope you will be wearing a thick fur shawl over your wedding dress. And guys, a full tux or at least long sleeve button down shirt with pants and a coat is understandable here. Both of you should wear some thermals under your attire too! Not visible, but oh so necessary!

Bottom line, destination weddings are far more casual, so your attire can be too. Still, some people prefer large ball gowns and elaborate tuxedos regardless of where they are getting married. The good news is it’s your wedding, so you make the rules. Wear whatever you want. If you can’t come up with what to wear, there are always nude weddings!


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