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What if Bad Weather Hits my Destination Wedding Location?

Lightning3Alice Hoffman said, “When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.”

Although Alice is correct in that you can never be sure about the weather, you can at least prepare for your wedding come rain or shine. Of course, the main time that bad weather can affect a destination wedding is if you plan to get hitched outside as most indoor weddings aren’t generally affected by rain, high winds or even snow. Assuming it is an outdoor wedding, here are some ideas for what to do if bad weather hits your destination wedding location:

Have a backup plan- No one likes to think of a back up plan, but having one in place could mean the difference between you at least getting to say “I do” and postponing or even canceling your outdoor nuptials completely due to inclement weather. Sure, you may have planned ahead to make sure that you weren’t getting married during hurricane season but fluke storms can creep up at any time so have some kind of back up plan in place for that weird weather never thought would be possible.

Get married in the elements- If the weather is bad but not horrible, perhaps you could get married outside anyway. You will have a hell of a story to tell your friends and family and it will be quite the memory to enjoy every anniversary! Of course don’t put yourself in danger no matter how badly you want to get married.

Use your insurance plan to reschedule and/or change destinations if necessary- We’ve talked about the importance of travel insurance several times on our Honeymoon Giveaway blog and we even talked about the importance of wedding insurance HERE, but it doesn’t hurt to bring insurance up again! In the event that your date or destination gets ruined on account of the weather it’s a good idea to have insurance so that you won’t find yourself out all the money that comes with having a wedding.

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