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What Should be the Focus of my Destination Wedding?

A_Venetian_WeddingThe focus of any wedding should be the two people getting married. Sadly, with many weddings so many people try to get involved and offer their opinions leaving the bride and groom feeling as though they need to change what they are doing to please the family or their friends or a combination of both. Keep in mind that this day is about the union of you and your spouse to be, come what may! In fact, that is one of the reasons that many brides and grooms opt to have a destination wedding in the first place because they know that the thing that matters most at the end of the day is that they are getting married to their best friend.

Now, before you start arguing with yourself about all the reasons you need to please Aunt Sue or Uncle Bob or even your best friend Karen think about this: YOU are most likely spending the money to have this wedding. YOU can’t please everyone. YOU are the reason that this wedding is happening at all. YOU have the right to choose what you want that will make you happy.

Okay, so you might have to think a little bit about your budget and compromise with your fiancé on some of the details but ultimately every single aspect of your wedding is up to the bride and groom. From where you will get hitched to what time of the year, what you will eat (if there is even a meal being offered), and how many guests will be invited- these things are nobody else’s business. If someone doesn’t like how you are doing your wedding it should not be your concern. They can do it differently for their wedding, but this time, it’s your wedding and all that matters is YOU.

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