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Where do I Start Searching for the Best DW?

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Okay, so he liked it and put a ring on it. Congratulations! You have decided you want a destination wedding. Awesome! Now, comes the hard part: deciding on the location. Where do you even begin your search?

Step one: Purchase a globe and a set of darts. Step two: Spin the globe, throw a dart at the globe and get married in the first place the dart lands on that isn’t water. Step three: Obviously this is not the real way to do it so forget step one and two and get some paper, something to write with and your fiancé.

Write down everything you and your husband to be want for your wedding. Here are just a few questions to consider:

– Do you prefer a quiet location or a loud one?

– Do you want somewhere cold or warm? Yes, some couples want to get married skiing on the snow down a mountain!

– Do you want an exotic location or a romantic venue?

– What’s your budget?

– Do you plan on having lots of guests or just a few?

– Do you want to honeymoon in the same place you get married?

After you answer these questions start researching companies that specialize in destination weddings. You want to make sure you have found the right company that can handle your needs. Once you find a travel agent, tell them exactly what you are looking for. From there they can give you some ideas on what resorts and countries fit your dream wedding.

Of course, you could hunt around online in bridal forums and search for hours on Google for different places for your wedding. You could look up dozens of resorts and call them all to find out about accommodations. If you prefer to skip the work, just ask your agent. She might come up with a place you never even thought of that will give you the destination wedding you are looking for.


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