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Why Destination Weddings?

Destination weddings give couples the chance to have everything they’ve always dreamed of: Luxury, intimacy, and a stress-free, joyful day in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. Often, destination weddings are far less expensive, especially when couples opt for all-inclusive resort venues. You can even get a destination wedding for free (when you book a certain number of rooms for you and your guests).

But, economy isn’t the only reason couples choose destination weddings. We’ve helped plan elegant weddings costing hundreds of thousands of dollars; and we’ve helped plan unforgettable weddings on budgets of $5000 or less. We love both, and our level of service doesn’t change with your budget. Our goal is to always give you the most value for your dollar, however many dollars you may have.

Top Ten Reasons To Have a Destination Wedding

  1. You want a small, intimate wedding without feeling obligated to invite everyone you – or your parents – know.
  2. You want a unique, personal experience that doesn’t require quitting your job or losing your sanity to plan.
  3. Your loved ones live very far from one another – so it makes sense to meet somewhere in between.
  4. You want all the wedding day frills at a fraction of the cost they’d be at home.
  5. You want someone else to field the five-million questions from your future in-laws.
  6. You want your wedding celebration to last longer than a few precious hours – how about  a week?
  7. You’ve been meaning to spend more quality time with your friends/parents/siblings, so why not do it on a sunset cruise in the Caribbean?
  8. You want that wedding – the one people talk about for the next 10 years because they had so much fun.
  9. You have a special destination already in mind.
  10. You don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding – you want a wedding that expresses your unique relationship. Whether that’s a tree-house wedding in St. Lucia or a palatial extravaganza in the Bahamas, or a quiet seaside ceremony in Tahiti, we’ll make your wedding day uniquely yours.

If you dream of a stress-free, relaxing, lovely, wonderful wedding in a stunning location, a destination wedding is right for you! If you have a destination in mind, we’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you need help choosing the right destination for you, we’ll give you our thoughts. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding! 1-866-726-9090.

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